Mastering OneNote 2016

Mastering OneNote 2016

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Organize your work and life into pages, sections, and notebooks! 


OneNote is a powerful tool for managing your own notes or ideas and collaborating with others.  


In this course, trainer Kathy Jones will walk you through everything you need to know to be efficient with Microsoft’s incredibly popular note-taking platform.  

 OneNote is great for task lists, brainstorming, meeting notes, collecting ideas, research, and more.  


 Topics covered include: 

  • Navigating OneNote notebooks, sections, and pages 
  • Learning different options for organizing your notebooks 
  • Using handwritten notes and converting them to text 
  • Adding audio and video to your notebook


1 Intro to OneNote 

2 Basic Information Entry 

3 Page Templates 

4 Customizing the User Interface 

5 Applying Formatting 

6 Images and Screen Clipping 

7 Audio and Video 

8 Quicknotes and Links 

9 Drawing Tools 

10 Embedding Excel Spreadsheet 

11 Other Attachments 

12 Tags 

13 Organizing Notebooks 

14 Using Search 

15 Proofing and Printing 

16 Passwords and Properties 

17 Exporting Content 

18 Backing Up and Versions 

19 Outlook and World Integration 

20 Sharing Notebooks