Get it Done: Managing Emails

Get it Done: Managing Emails


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For many people, email is a source of stress, when it really should be a valuable productivity tool. In this course, we’ll show you how to combine email best practices with the tools in Microsoft Outlook in order to effectively manage your email.  

Topics covered include: 

  • Understanding problems with email hoarders and email deleters 
  • Striving for Inbox Zero 
  • Creating an appropriate strategy for Folders and Categories  
  • Managing the Three Excuses that keep us from organizing our Inbox 
  • Building to-do lists with Flags 
  • Using Rules to automatically sort your email 
  • Delegating access to your email folders 
  • Sorting and filing items in your overloaded inbox  


  1. Introduction
  2. Folders and Categories
  3. The Three Excuses
  4. Junk, Clutter (Focused), and Rules
  5. Delegate Access
  6. The Big Cleanup


Taught by 25-year IT veteran and Microsoft Silver partner Chip Reaves, Get It Done – Managing Email is designed for anyone from beginners to experts who want to manage their email more efficiently.  

About Get It Done courses: Get It Done courses are task-based training courses developed by Bigger Brains. Each course focuses on a common business task such as managing email, organizing files, or sharing calendars, and provides recommended tools, techniques, and best practices to “get it done”.