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Espresso Tutorials: Chris Walravens

Chris Walravens

Chris Walravens is a partner of and GRC Community Lead at Expertum. Chris became an SAP security and GRC consultant in 2000 after having worked as an IT auditor and after qualifying as a Certified Information Systems Auditor. He specializes in designing, implementing, and supporting logical access architectures adapted to your business and to your SAP landscape, combining technical SAP skills with extensive knowledge of audit, internal controls, and business processes.

Chris also focuses on setting up adequate monitoring and auditing procedures, using state-of-the-art GRC applications available on the market. His multidisciplinary knowledge puts him in an ideal position to understand security business requirements, to translate them into a transparent authorizations setup, and to integrate audit and compliance requirements and internal controls principles into an overall security and internal controls architecture.

He can be contacted at