What’s New in Office 2016

What’s New in Office 2016

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Learn how Office 2016 makes it easier than ever to save your work to the cloud, share and collaborate with others, and produce professional documents.



Microsoft Office 2016 is an evolutionary improvement that refines dozens of features and adds a few new tricks too. In this course, Kelly Vandever and Jason Farr explore the improvements to Microsoft Office in 2016.



Topics covered include:

  • Using Tell Me and Smart Lookup
  • Learning new ink functions
  • Using Cloud Sharing and File History
  • Working with new themes, styles, and charts
  • Using new features in PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel


  1. Tell Me and Smart Lookup
  2. New Ink Features
  3. Cloud Sharing and History Tools
  4. New Options for Old Features
  5. PowerPoint Changes
  6. Outlook Changes
  7. Excel Changes