SAP Heroes – amazing SAP tips in a nutshell

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SAP Heroes – amazing SAP tips in a nutshell


  • Isa Bodur

175 ページ数, 1. エディション , ISBN: 9783960120407


In the meantime, over 20 years have passed since I first came into contact with SAP. After graduating, I started my first job at an international consulting company. During the introductory meeting with my boss, he asked me: “Do you want to do SAP?” – I can well remember that I just thought, “Hmm … SAP … What’s that?” So I left his office without giving him an answer. I promptly went to speak to an experienced colleague: “Hey Jochen, tell me, should I do SAP? ” His answer was firm and precise: “By all means do it, it’s a life insurance.“

In these 20 years, I have been lucky enough to be involved in several international SAP projects, to help shape the processes of corporations and to meet many interesting people. In this book, I have summarized my SAP knowledge in a pointed and systematic way. My claim was to convey SAP knowhow that is helpful but not generally known.This reference book will not disappoint you if you are looking for something new on the following topics:

  • SAP GUI tips and tricks
  • SAP IDoc analysis and setup
  • Insider knowledge about SAP customizing
  • Hidden features for ABAP debugging
  • Important knowhow about message determination
  • Background knowledge on SD processes
  • Batch job setup and analysis