Leveraging Master Data to Elevate Product Cost Planning

Leveraging Master Data to Elevate Product Cost Planning


  • Tara Hushbeck

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SAP provides flexibility within Product Cost Planning that allows businesses to elevate how materials are costed with diverse functionality to fit business need. The accuracy of product costing is vital when making key strategic business decisions in an increasingly competitive landscape. However, a key to precise product costing is understanding and ensuring the accuracy of the Master Data that Product Cost Controlling relies on. In this session, we will take a more in-depth view of some of the key master data that is utilized across Production Cost Controlling and why ensuring the accuracy of this data elevates the reliability of the results and downstream functions. 

In this session, we will explore:

  • A high-level introduction to Product Cost Controlling
  • Review key upstream integration points of Product Cost Controlling with other modules and processes
  • An overview of the Master Data used most often by Product Cost Controlling for both Raw Material and Manufactured Materials
  • Key insight into how Master Data is used by Product Cost Controlling 
  • How the results of Product Cost Controlling processes integrate with other downstream business functions