Excel 2019 in 30 Minutes Basics

Excel 2019 in 30 Minutes Basics

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  1. Getting Started: Navigating the Interface, Selecting Data, Using Commands, Using Excel Help
  2. Entering Data: Creating a New Workbook, Entering Cell Data, Using AutoFill, Using FlashFill
  3. Calculations: Creating Formulas, Inserting Functions, Copying Formulas and Functions, Using Absolute References
  4. Modifying Worksheets: Inserting and Deleting Cells, Searching and Replacing, Using Proofing and Research Tools
  5. Text and Number Formats: Applying Text Formats, Applying Number Formats, Customizing Number Formats
  6. Formatting Cell Contents: Aligning Cell Contents, Applying Cell Styles, Applying Themes, Inserting Hyperlinks
  7. Conditional Formatting: Applying Conditional Formatting to Numbers, Applying Conditional Formatting to Text and Dates, Applying Comparative Analysis Formatting, Using Templates
  8. Printing and Page Layout: Printing Workbooks, Setting the Page Layout, Inserting Page Breaks, Configuring Headers and Footers
  9. Worksheets and Workbooks: Managing Worksheets, Creating a Custom View, Managing Worksheet Views, Managing Workook Views, Managing Workbook Properties
  10. Customizin Options: Customizing General Options, Customizing the Ribbon, Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar