Brain Bites: Microsoft Teams Meetings

Brain Bites: Microsoft Teams Meetings


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If someone told you you’d be comfortable collaborating and meeting virtually in less than 30 minutes, would you believe them? After all, a tool that can bring your colleagues, their work, and their input from anywhere in the world, from whichever company they work with, must be too complex to learn quickly. Believe it! Bigger Brains has a way for you to learn Teams for virtual meetings that are just as easy and collaborative as your in-person gatherings. Thanks to its features and ease of use, Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the dominant meeting platform for businesses of all sizes. Don’t be left behind!  

We’ll take a look at the major features of Teams meetings, including: 

  • Joining a meeting from a channel, calendar, or email invitation 
  • Starting a call or meeting 
  • Customizing your audio and camera choices 
  • Managing background video and audio distractions 
  • Using in-meeting controls to manage your meeting and attendees 
  • Sharing screens, app windows, PowerPoint presentations, and whiteboards 


  1. Joining a Meeting
  2. Nine Ways to Start a Meeting, Part 1
  3. Nine Ways to Start a Meeting, Part 2
  4. Participating in a Meeting
  5. Sharing in a Meeting
  6. Teams Meetings Best Practices