Asana for Employees and Managers

Asana for Employees and Managers


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Asana for Employees and Managers

Subheading: Learn how to use Asana efficiently—as an employee or as a manager—with this short course!

This two-part Asana course teaches employees and managers how to use this project management tool effectively to aid productivity while keeping projects and tasks on track.

As an employee, learn how to be more organized as we discuss the basics of My Tasks and tour the search and reporting options. Improve responsiveness by staying on top of your Asana inbox and collaborating effectively on a task. We also throw in a handful of productivity tips for you!

You can also benefit from this course as a manager, learning how to set up and define conventions to ensure everything and everyone is set up properly in Asana. Get a bird’s-eye view of your projects and communicate better as a leader as we discuss My Tasks, inbox, search, and reporting from the manager’s point of view to help you get more clarity on how your team works.

This course covers:

  • Setting up your Asana profile
  • Basics of My Tasks for employees and managers
  • How to achieve “Inbox zero” in Asana
  • Utilizing the search and reporting features
  • Defining and collaborating on a task
  • General productivity tips for Asana
  • Defining conventions as a manager
  • Managing project members, status updates, and portfolios
  • How to keep an account healthy.