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Espresso Tutorials: Robert Geipel

Robert Geipel

Robert Geipel initially worked as an application developer at SAP in Germany for the MM module and the CRM system. Parallel to his professional activities, he laid a theoretical foundation by studying computer science with a focus on business informatics and object-oriented software development. 

In the SAP BW/BI environment, Robert first worked as a (senior) developer and later as a consultant for SAP end customers in North America. Thematic focus was on data modeling and architecture, performance optimization, maintenance and deployment of Netweaver functionality to map special requirements such as business processes in BW. A functional focus was banking and CRM. 

In the last years he has been interested in data architecture with HANA and all the innovations this new technology has brought. Currently he is a senior data consultant at Axxiome in North America, working on database development, especially with HANA using Smart Data Integration (SDI) technology. His work also includes non-SAP topics such as data virtualization and “logical data warehouse”.  

Robert is certified in all his SAP areas. He found his way into IT training through his long-time part-time role as a certified ski instructor in Canada.